Indiana Agriculture & Technology School

August 14th 2019

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Hello IATS Students

We had a great time with you yesterday at our first all-student APD. Thank you for being willing, respectful, fun, and engaged throughout the long day. We are excited to begin the school year, and to get started, we have a few unique FFA opportunities to offer to you!

  • Friday August 16th– FFA District 8 Experience Day at the Indiana State Fair; 9 AM-3 PM (will require paying own admission fee and parking)
    • This day invites members from all of the FFA chapters in District 8 to work in the FFA pavilion.
    • Possible activities include hosting the children’s coloring corner, taking care of the animals in the petting zoo, managing the putt-putt golf course, maintaining the landscaping, or working in the FFA country market.
    • If you are interested in participating in this experience day on Friday, you MUST email Mrs. Wolfe by tomorrow, TH Aug. 15th so she can give a head-count to the Indiana FFA.
    • If you are participating, you will also need both an FFA and a State Fair waiver signed and turned in. Click for WAIVER 1 WAIVER 2. Mrs. Wolfe will also bring blank copies on Friday for your parents to sign upon arrival.
    • Mrs. Wolfe will email more details to those participating.
  • September 3, 4, 5th– Online Livestock Skill-A-Thon Invitational Contest
    • The Livestock Skill-A-Thon Contest is a multi-part contest consisting of livestock judging with multiple species, hay evaluation, grain identification, equipment identification, meat selection and evaluation and more. The main species included are beef, dairy, sheep, swine, and meat goat.
    • IATS will probably not compete in the State contest this year, as it is scheduled for September 21st and that is not an adequate amount of time to begin preparations. However, this invitational contest may be a fun way to see if we have any interested members, and to evaluation their skill level before moving on to Livestock Judging and possibly competing in the Skill-A-Thon at State next year!
    • Teams of 4 are needed for this online contest, so if we do not get at least 4 students interested, we will simply pass on the opportunity.

Please remember that FFA participation is voluntary, and is not a requirement for your schoolwork. However, we welcome all of you to explore the opportunities! Please let Mrs. Wolfe or Mr. Wamsley know if you have any questions about FFA.


The next two weeks of APD’s are going to focus on FFA membership, camps, conventions, contests, degree awards, and more!

  • Week 2: Tuesday, August 20th (Morgantown Farm OR Jasper County Fairgrounds, Rensselaer) OR Thursday, August 22nd (Morgantown Farm only); 9 AM-4 PM
  • Week 3: Tuesday, August 27th (Morgantown Farm OR Jasper County Fairgrounds, Rensselaer) OR Thursday, August 29th (Morgantown Farm only); 9 AM-4 PM


Chromebooks are still on backorder but expected to be delivered by the end of the month. If you need a computer to work on until your Chromebook arrives, we will have a very limited supply available at the Tuesday APDs. If you need a computer, please let us know!!


Courses are live! if your student needs to have anything updated or changed please contact us ASAP and we will resolve your problems.

Thomas Sutherlin
Director of Enrollment/Registrar