Scheduling for the 2020-2021 School Year for Grades 8 through 11

Beginning February 12th our IATS team will be hosting course scheduling meetings for the 2020-21 school year with each family.  Provided below is a Class Selection/4 Year Course Plan sheet that we will be completing during our meetings.  Each student will have the opportunity to look over their transcript, review credits already earned, update their diploma progress, and request classes for next year.  In order to accomplish this, we will be asking each family to use “Sign Up Genius” in order to reserve a time and location for your child’s scheduling appointment.  We have scheduled these meetings in several locations including Carmel, Valparaiso, Princeton, Fort Wayne, Greencastle, Madison, and Morgantown.  Please reserve your appointment 48 hours in advance at

Before your meeting, please look over your student’s transcript (located within their Edgenuity account), their Diploma Track, and the IATS Course Catalog.  A sample Course Selection/4-Year Course Plan is provided for you to use as a sample prior to your meeting for planning purposes.  We will complete the “course plan” to help guide your student to select what classes are still needed to earn a diploma.

If a student does not attend a scheduling meeting at one of the listed locations on the “Sign Up Genius,” we will schedule their required classes as indicated by their diploma progress.

CLASS Selection_4 year course plan

7th and 8th Grade Guidance Lesson – Learning Styles

The 7th grade is an important time of development for your child, academically, socially, and emotionally.  It is a time period of tremendous change and growth.  And, as you may have found, it can be a time of turmoil.  They are learning about themselves, becoming independent, and experiencing more in the world around them.  Each year at IATS, students will take an inventory to spark reflection and initiate dedicated time to learn about themselves, their strengths, characteristics, likes, dislikes, future, areas to strengthen, values, skills, etc.

For many of our 7th grade students, they are learning in a virtual environment for the first time.  This takes independent learning.  So, for our 7th-grade students, we would like for them to take some time to take a Learning Styles Inventory and reflect on their own style of learning and strategies that may help them learn.  Please select the links below for the Learning Styles Activity and spend some time with your child doing the activity.  Your School Learning Advisor will want to discuss what your son or daughter learned about themselves and what strategies they came up with when we meet with them this Spring.

Learning Styles Activity

iLearn Testing

All 7th and 8th Grade students in the state of Indiana are required to take the iLearn assessment.  This test assesses the mastery of grade 7 standards in Language Arts and Mathematics for grade 7.  This year we have grouped our students into 4 regions around the state and will hold the iLearn test in each region.  Listed below is the region and relative dates the assessment will be administered.  The location is still to be determined.

North Region                     April 20 – 24
North Central                    April 20 – 24
South Central                    April 27 – May 1
South                                 May 4 – 8


Scheduling for the 2020-21 School Year Current 7th Grade Students

Beginning in March, our IATS team will be entering 8th-grade classes for the 2020-21 school year.  Provided for you is a sample course request sheet that we use to keep a record of junior high school course requests.  Each student will be given four core courses.  Electives must be requested by email and can be sent to Patty Hagen at

Note the deadline to request electives for the 2020-21 School Year is Friday, March 27th.

Please take a few moments to look over the Course Selection Sheet showing core courses for all 8th-grade students and “optional” elective choices.   Each student will be required to take MS Language Arts 8, MS Science 8, and MS Social Studies 8.  Mathematics is also a required subject area.  Students will be placed in one of the following:  MS Mathematics 8, MS Pre-Algebra, or Algebra I (HS credit will be earned for Algebra I Sem A and Algebra I Sem B).  Course descriptions are available in the Course Catalog located on the “Resources” page of our website,

Classes for the 2020-21 School Year will be viewable in Edgenuity by mid-May.