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To Aspiring Students and Supportive Families,

I want to thank you for considering Indiana Agriculture & Technology School as an option for your education. At IATS, our programs are designed to meet the needs of 21st-century learners. Our agriculture and technology programs are focused to connect content to career pathways such as biotech, veterinary science, food science, robotics, aviation, and informational technology. We take our students out of the traditional classroom setting and introduce them to real life jobs in the field of agriculture or technology. Our students learn from professionals who have expertise in these fields. Students at Indiana Agriculture & Technology School will learn their knowledge through the curriculum and from there we want our students to transfer and apply their knowledge to real-world application. This authentic assessment asks students to use their skills outside the context of the classroom. We invite you and your family to be part of this program and explore the possibilities that our school can offer.

Keith Marsh, Chief Academic Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

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