Hello IATS Families.

We are so excited to begin the 2020 – 2021 school year, and we hope you are, too!  There are several important aspects of our APD (farm day) program this fall, so we want to take a moment to make you all aware of them and get some feedback from you.

We will be having APD’s on the Morgantown farm campus.  However, because of COVID-19 restrictions, and wanting to make sure everyone is safe, your family will only be on campus every other week.

Your family will be assigned to the blue group or the green group, and this will determine which days your family will be attending the APDs. While there will be an APD every week at the farm, you will only be allowed to come to the campus during your assigned week.


In addition to our Agriculture APD’s, IATS is excited to announce our STEM APDs. The Agriculture APDs will continue to be on Tuesdays while our new STEM APD will be on Thursdays.

If you are uncomfortable with having your student on campus at all during the COVID-19 pandemic, you do have the option to remain at home and only participate in the online, live stream APD’s and virtual APD activities that will be provided.  Virtual APDs will occur on the BLUE DAYS. Students will receive a video link to join the APDs live.

You may choose the agriculture APD’s, the Technology STEM APD’s, both, or do everything online this year.  However, for those of you planning to attend in person, please remember that you will only attend on the weeks that match your student’s assigned color.

For specific Blue Green APD days for you may find them on our ACADEMIC CALENDAR.


We have put several safety precautions in place to help prevent exposure to COVID-19.  When you are on the farm, please keep the following in mind:

  • Parents and guardians will be asked to assess your child’s health BEFORE coming to the campus. If your student shows ANY signs of illness, we ask that you keep them home.
  • When you arrive at the farm your entire car will have their temperature taken. If any member of the vehicle has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, you will be asked to return home.
  • Parents and families WILL NOT be allowed to remain on the premises this year.  As much as we love having our families at APD’s, we do need to minimize the number of people on campus to limit the exposure to illness.
  • Students will be asked to wear masks any time they are inside of a building. While outside students will have the option of wearing a mask.
  • We ask that students practice safe social distancing as much as possible, while on the farm.