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Indiana Agriculture & Technology School is an Indiana Public Charter School serving grades 7th – 12th students under the age of 22 and living in Indiana.

2020-21 classes begin on August 17, 2020

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To Aspiring Students and Supportive Families,

I want to thank you for considering Indiana Agriculture & Technology School as an option for your education. At IATS, our programs are designed to meet the needs of 21st-century learners. Our agriculture and technology programs are focused to connect content to career pathways such as biotech, veterinary science, food science, robotics, aviation, and informational technology. We take our students out of the traditional classroom setting and introduce them to real life jobs in the field of agriculture or technology. Our students learn from professionals who have expertise in these fields. Students at Indiana Agriculture & Technology School will learn their knowledge through the curriculum and from there we want our students to transfer and apply their knowledge to real-world application. This authentic assessment asks students to use their skills outside the context of the classroom. We invite you and your family to be part of this program and explore the possibilities that our school can offer.

Keith Marsh
Chief Academic Officer


“This school cares. We have had more interaction with the administration just in our orientation than we experienced all together with our previous program. We know that if we need anything the school’s staff is going to be there.”

Brad C.

Parent of 10th Grade Student

“We love the blended learning model. It has been a great experience for us to find a school that offers hands-on agricultural opportunities. The farm campus is amazing and gives kids a great place to experience the outdoors and ALL things ag related. We have had our eyes opened to how much is really out there pertaining to the Agriculture and technology fields.”

Andrea M.

Parent of 7th & 8th Grade Students

“I like being able to work at my own pace and on my time. I know that as long as I complete my work by the end of the day I am going to stay on track…I have made many friends that I get to see at the (APDs) Active Participation Days.”

Clay H.

9th Grade Student
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Student Support

Our Teachers

Indiana Agriculture and Technology School is powered by a team of professional educators committed to ensuring each student is engaged and successful. Each student will receive instruction from fully licensed teachers. 

Our Student Learning Advocates

Each Student will be assigned a Student Learning Advocate. These advocates are Indiana licensed teachers who will guide students academically while providing personalized instruction using collaboration tools, through email, and over the phone during office hours.

Our Coaches

Learning and development will also be empowered by Success Coaches and Concept Coaches who will tutor, provide answers to questions, and mentor students as they progress through their coursework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Give us a call 317-975-2746

Is there a tuition to enroll in your school?2019-08-02T09:49:22-04:00

We are tuition Free! We are a public charter school that is publicly funded through the state of Indiana so there is no cost to you. The only costs you would incur would be with our dual enrollment program with Ivy Tech or outside electives.

What is a blended-online school?2019-08-02T09:52:11-04:00

Our blended school provides students with the opportunity to spend a percentage of time doing their academic studies online and the majority of their time in a face-to-face environment. Students will participate in live active sessions with instructors experiencing hands-on educational experiences on the 600-acre farm campus.

Will I earn an Indiana High School Diploma?2019-08-02T09:54:06-04:00

Yes! We offer all of the Indiana high school diplomas including, Core 40, Core 40 Honors, and Core 40 Technical Honors.


What grades do you serve?2019-08-02T09:55:36-04:00

IATS serves grades 7–12 for students living in Indiana, and under the age of 22.

Will you provide us a computer?2019-08-02T09:57:29-04:00

IATS will provide students with a Chromebook to access their coursework.

What are the technology requirements?2019-08-02T09:58:57-04:00

Click here for minimum tech requirements. We will be providing Chromebooks to students, the only thing you will need is a reliable internet connection.

How often will I need to be online?2019-08-02T10:01:54-04:00

Based on your academic course schedule, students are required on average to spend one hour per course online on academic days.

Is there a specific time I have to be working?2019-08-02T10:05:35-04:00

No. Our courses are pre-recorded allowing students to work at their own pace. Our Student Learning Advocates monitor your student’s activity to make sure that they are active each day and are progressing through each course.

When do classes begin?2019-08-02T10:06:46-04:00

Classes begin for the 2019-20 school year on August 12, 2019. Also, you can always visit our school events calendar here.

How do I Enroll?2019-08-02T10:08:39-04:00

CLICK HERE to go to our enrollment application. Once you complete the form, we will contact you to verify your enrollment, schedule a time for an onboarding meeting, where we can meet face-to-face, answer any questions you have, review our expectations, and begin planning out your student’s learning plan.

How often will students be at the farm?2019-08-02T10:10:35-04:00

Each student will spend approximately one day per week at an active participation day (APD). Those days may be held at one of the school farm locations or may be held at another local agriculturally-based enterprise. The APD days are be being planned by region, so students and families will not be expected to travel to distant locations on a regular basis.

What do we do on the farm?2019-08-02T10:12:39-04:00

The sky is the limit! For on-farm events, depending on the coursework, students could be working with large and small livestock, greenhouse and horticultural operations, working with farm machinery and learning about agricultural systems and processes. There may also be opportunities to tour factories and farms and meet with notable leaders in the agricultural industry. Some APD days maybe FFA related and could include educational sessions at conventions, competing in contests with other FFA teams, or even attending a camp!

What do I need to bring to the Farm?2019-08-02T10:14:39-04:00

Each APD day will have a connection to current content in the coursework. The instructors will let you know if there is anything in particular that is needed for each day, but in general, comfortable working clothes like tennis shoes or boots (NEVER OPEN TOE SHOES), and jeans or appropriate shorts and t-shirts are fine. Project-related materials will be provided. Some APD days may be FFA related, and different clothing may be required for those events. Always remember to bring a smile and a good attitude to APD days!

What if we are unable to attend one of the APDs?2019-08-02T10:16:04-04:00

While the instructors have tried to plan APD days for Tuesdays of each week to aid in scheduling, over half of the opportunities also offer a Thursday session. There will also be several locations of each APD offered, based regionally around the state. If, however, you are still unable to attend one of these scheduled APD days, simply work with your instructor on finding a way to include those educational hours into your planning. Supervised agricultural experience (SAE) hours are also included and may take the place of some APD days.

Is Indiana Agriculture & Technology School Accredited?2020-07-02T09:57:17-04:00

As a new school, we are undergoing the steps needed for formal accreditation through AdvancED, we are recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as an Indiana School, the courses offered through our Curriculum provider are accredited by AdvancED and are aligned with the Indiana Standards. Our teachers and Student Learning Advocates are Indiana Licensed teachers.

Do we offer AP and Honors Courses?2019-08-02T10:19:23-04:00

Yes, we offer AP and Honors classes through our Curriculum provider!

What courses are offered?2019-08-02T10:20:26-04:00
Will my credits transfer?2019-08-02T10:22:35-04:00

While we would like to say that our program is for everyone, sometimes it isn’t. But have no fear, if you decide that our program is not the right fit for your student, our credits will transfer to your new school.

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