Why IATS?2019-05-09T12:18:36-04:00


Indiana Agriculture & Technology School is an Indiana Public Charter School serving grades 7th – 12th students under the age of 22 and living in Indiana.

2019-20 classes begin on August 12, 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What grades do you serve?2019-04-15T15:05:33-04:00

Grades 7–12

Do you offer AP, Honors, Dual Credit?2019-04-15T15:07:40-04:00


How often do students go to the farm?2019-04-15T15:16:42-04:00

Depending on your schedule of classes, students should expect to be at the farm at least once a month.

What do we do on the farm?2019-04-15T15:17:35-04:00

Our farm Campus will be the site for immersive learning labs and project-based activities.

How much does this cost?2019-04-15T15:31:28-04:00

We are tuition free! The only costs are the non-mandatory field trips and dual credit courses.

Are we online (virtual)?2019-04-15T15:37:58-04:00

We are a blended model school; Students will participate in active sessions with instructors, complete online coursework, and experience hands-on educational experiences on the 600-acre farm campus.

What foreign languages are offered?2019-04-15T15:38:24-04:00

Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Latin

Does the school award a traditional core 40 diploma?2019-04-15T15:38:54-04:00

We offer all of the Indiana State High school diplomas including, Core 40, Core 40 Honors, Core 40 Technical Honors.

Do you take Seniors?2019-04-15T15:39:38-04:00


How do I enroll…2019-05-07T08:56:23-04:00

CLICK HERE to go to our enrollment form. Once you complete the form, we will contact you to verify and complete your enrollment, and let you know what the next steps are.

When will classes start?2019-05-16T16:57:52-04:00

Classes begin for the 2019-20 school year on August 12, 2019. CLICK HERE to download a PDF of our 2019 calendar. Or, you can always visit our School Events Calendar here.

Will you provide computers?2019-05-16T16:27:41-04:00

Students may bring their own device, or IATS will provide students with a Chromebook that they may use for their studies.

What courses are offered?2019-04-15T16:02:29-04:00

CLICK HERE for list of courses

What are the technology requirements?2019-05-07T10:40:46-04:00

CLICK HERE for minimum tech requirements.

How often will I need to be online?2019-04-15T16:04:24-04:00

Students will need to be online for a minimum of 4 hours per school day.

Is Indiana Agriculture and Technology School Accredited?2019-05-16T16:40:32-04:00

As a new school, we are undergoing the steps needed for formal accreditation through AdvancED, we are recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as an Indiana School, the courses offered through our Curriculum provider are accredited by AdvancED and are aligned with the Indiana Standards. Our teachers and Student Learning Advocates are Indiana Licensed teachers.

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“This school cares. We have had more interaction with the administration just in our orientation than we experienced all together with our previous program. We know that if we need anything the school’s staff is going to be there.”

Brad C.

Parent of 10th Grade Student

“We love the blended learning model. It has been a great experience for us to find a school that offers hands-on agricultural opportunities. The farm campus is amazing and gives kids a great place to experience the outdoors and ALL things ag related. We have had our eyes opened to how much is really out there pertaining to the Agriculture and technology fields.”

Andrea M.

Parent of 7th & 8th Grade Students

“I like being able to work at my own pace and on my time. I know that as long as I complete my work by the end of the day I am going to stay on track…I have made many friends that I get to see at the (APDs) Active Participation Days.”

Clay H.

9th Grade Student