Indiana Agriculture & Technology School is an Indiana Public Charter School serving
grades 7th – 12th that is dedicated to the Sciences of Agriculture and Technology.

Welcome to Indiana Agriculture & Technology School

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IATS Rensselaer Campus
at Jasper County Fairgrounds

IATS Trafalgar Campus
at Hensley Farm

IATS Southern
Campus at USI

Education Redefined in Indiana

The Indiana Agriculture & Technology School (IATS) is a public, tuition-free, hybrid charter school serving grades 7–12. As a hybrid school, the IATS Core curriculum is driven by an online platform, while career-focused classes utilize in-person learning. 

In this innovative and dynamic learning environment, students work towards their Indiana Core 40 diploma, while being introduced to exciting opportunities post-graduation. Many will seek careers in agriculture and technology including farming, biology, life sciences, environmental management, food and nutrition, human health, and engineering.

IATS offers three regional campuses in Indiana. The main campus is in Trafalgar, with additional campuses in Rensselaer and Evansville. The Evansville campus is the University of Southern Indiana, which authorized IATS as a charter school. 


A System Built to Help Students Thrive

IATS is powered by a team of professional educators. The school provides students with rich, engaging learning opportunities through the Edgenuity™ program which is aligned with Indiana Core 40 standards. IATS faculty focuses on providing each student with a customized curriculum that meets personal academic needs. This individualized coursework improves independence, communication, and self-advocacy skills to help students achieve their fullest potential and realize future academic and career goals.


  • Tuition-Free, On-line Public School
  • Cutting-edge Virtual Learning Technologies
  • Hands-on Experiences
  • Introduce Students To Many Opportunities and Career Paths in Agriculture and Related Sciences in Indiana and around the world.

What Parents Are Saying

I want to say how much I am thankful for Indiana Ag and Technical School. It was a lifesaver for my grandson. He has achieved so much and the FFA program is excellent. He is taking classes in areas that he wants to excel in and is. Now this year was the first year for his sister and she has done very well too. She is in the FFA program and the classes she is enrolled in is based on what she wants to do after she gets out of high school. It has been a true blessing for the whole family. Thank you IATS!!!

Becky Mace-Jacob

– Grandmother of IATS Student

We love our IATS school family! IATS provided the change our sons needed to excel academically and emotionally. They learn at their own pace with the schedule for real life experiences. The SPED department has provided exceptional personalized services that allow opportunities for all. IATS gave us our family time back due the flexibility of their program.

LeAnna Rowe

– Parent of IATS Students

Indiana Agriculture and Technology has been a game changer for our family. This program has provided some amazing opportunities for my 8th grader and freshman both within the school and outside of the school. Within the school setting, they love the flexibility and support within the curriculum, and the active participation days are the best day of the week for them as they love socializing with their friends and learning about relevant topics related directly to agriculture. Because of the flexibility of the curriculum, my kids have also been afforded some amazing opportunities outside of school. In the past year alone, they have had the opportunity to participate in our daily family grain farm operations as well as our family show pig business from breeding to farrowing to sales and show preparations. We enjoyed traveling as a family without the worry of missing out on curriculum as the curriculum “came with us.” Morgan and Marek have even been able to start their own business this past year. Our family looks forward to what the future holds with an IATS education.

Mandy Taulman

– IATS Parent and Student Learning Advocate

IATS was an absolute game changer and God Send for our family! We were in a tough situation and had to find an alternative to public school for my son. Not at any fault of his, but our local High School had nothing for him, and things were happening out of our control. We heard of IATS through a local farmer who had been to a Crop dinner and learned of this school. I immediately looked into it and I was completely impressed when I spoke directly to the Executive Director Keith Marsh as soon as I called. He gave me all the information I needed and even though it was 1/2 way through the school year he had my son ready to start his 2nd semester of his freshman year at IATS. He was President of their FFA chapter 2 years, and He LOVES the ability to do his work in his time and still have time to run his goat business on the side along with working at a local dairy. He is getting ready to be a senior this fall, and we have absolutely no regrets of making this decision. After Covid hit and my daughter who was in the 7th grade in public school grades started dropping horribly we decided to also enroll her in IATS last fall, and she will now be beginning her freshman year this fall. We are excited to continue down this path. Everyone is like family there and my kids are totally different in a good way since attending this amazing school.

Lecia Brown

– Proud Parent of an IATS Student Class of 2022

Student Support System

Students are supported by Indiana-licensed Teachers, Learning Advocates, Success Coaches, and Concept Coaches who work cooperatively to ensure that a student understands expectations and completes courses on schedule.

Lead Teacher

A student's coursework is managed by a Lead Teacher that makes sure the student is engaged and understands the material being presented. These teachers provide feedback and eventually grade the student's coursework.

Learning Advocate

Each student is also assigned a Learning Advocate. These teachers guide students academically while providing personalized instruction using collaboration tools, email, and phone calls during office hours.

Success Coach

Learning and development is also empowered by Success Coaches and Concept Coaches who tutor, answer questions, and mentor students as they progress through coursework.

Northern Region

Student with Teacher

Rensselaer, IN - Jasper County Fairgrounds

The Northern Campus is located in Rensselaer, Indiana on the Jasper County Fairgrounds. Students will have the opportunity to study agriculture education while being introduced to hands on program focusing on crop management, animal science, veterinary medicine, ag mechanics, robotics, aviation and drone flight program.

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Central Region

Trafalger, IN - 15 Acre Farm

The Central Campus is located in Trafalgar, Indiana on a 15 acre farm. The campus includes a barn with livestock, a full field pasture, two classrooms, and a greenhouse. Students have the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience agriculture studies which include crop management, animal science, ag mechanics, equine science, robotics, and drone.

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Southern Region

Evansville, IN - USI

IATS students will receive their academic coursework on the USI campus. IATS will award our students for innovation, perseverance, and completion of their academic program with an accredited and recognized Indiana High School Diploma. IATS encourages and supports students who plan post-secondary education through 2 or 4 Year, and Vocational institutions or will enter the Workforce as highly employable graduates. 

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Western Region

Work Volunteer

Greencastle, IN - Putnam County Fairgrounds

The West Campus is a new location to our school program serving students in Putnam and surrounding counites. The campus is located in Greencastle, Indiana on the Putnam County Fairgrounds. Students will be able to study agriculture education along with learning about Drones and Robotics through hands-on experiences. Students will have the opportunity to engage with local agriculture and technology companies to learn about career opportunities. 

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Embrace Your Future

Your Education, Your Terms, Your Way.

Indiana Agriculture & Technology School, as the most important aspect of its mission and vision, has created a student-centered learning environment that places the student and his or her success and well-being at the center of all activities and efforts.

The future is rich with opportunities. Get on the right path today with Indiana Agriculture & Technology School. If you are interested in enrolling, contact Sarah Haag, Registrar, at (317) 953-1302 or email at