Letter from the CAO

Dear Indiana Agriculture & Technology Families,

Welcome to the Indiana Agriculture & Technology School! We are excited you are interested in pursuing an education in our flexible, hybrid school, where students are given opportunities to realize their fullest potential and increase their love of learning as well as pursue a career opportunity.

Indiana Agriculture & Technology School will provide students with rich, engaging learning opportunities through the Edgenuity program, which is aligned with Indiana Core 40 standards. Students at Indiana Agriculture & Technology School are well supported by Indiana licensed teachers, Concept Coaches, Success Coaches, and our own Student Learning Advocates (SLA) who work cooperatively to ensure students stay on track, understand expectations, and can complete their courses on schedule. We believe in getting to know our students and providing them with a curriculum that meets their academic needs and improves their independence, communication, and self-advocacy skills.

I am proud to be a part of the Indiana Agriculture & Technology School family knowing that our dedication to student success and robust learning experiences. I look forward to working with your family and wish you the best of luck as you begin your journey at Indiana Agriculture & Technology School!

All the best,

Keith A. Marsh
Chief Academic Officer

Education Redefined in Indiana.

Indiana Agriculture & Technology School is a Tuition Free On-Line Public School using cutting-edge virtual learning technologies blended with live hands-on experiences in agriculture, conservation, and environmental sciences.

Our Vision is to produce a workforce prepared to meet the challenge of accelerating change in every component of agriculture.

Our Mission is to provide a unique and interesting learning experience for students and to introduce them to the many opportunities and career paths in agriculture and related sciences in Indiana and around the world.

Our Curriculums

Producing a workforce prepared to meet the challenge of accelerating change in every component of agriculture is the primary reason why our school exists.

Middle School Core Coursework

Today’s middle school classrooms need rigorous, engaging learning tools that support students’ varied learning styles. Edgenuity is designed to empower middle school students to successfully meet the expectations of state standards. Plus, with real-time data, customization, and management tools, teachers and administrators have the resources they need to intervene, motivate, and foster success.

Along with coursework that is flexible to meet the needs of your student, you can choose options here on the Indiana Agriculture and Technology School learning grounds that get your child ready for learning through real-life experiences.

High School Core 40 Coursework

The path to graduation does not look the same for every high school student. That’s why Edgenuity’s online solutions can help students close learning gaps, recover credits, and meet graduation requirements. Courses can also help advanced students explore career interests, earn dual credits, and pursue Advanced Placement® options. Regardless of the path students take, Edgenuity can help to engage and motivate students, as they prepare for future success.

Your high school student will receive a varied education that meets all standards while providing flexibility, added options for enrichment learning, and extra support when needed. Exciting electives provide hands-on learning opportunities that will ignite your student’s interest and open up new future career potential.

Career Education

Attainable Career Pathways Never Looked So Good

School isn’t just a requirement; it’s the gateway to your child’s future. When you enroll your student in IATS, you will be connected to a growing network of corporate and farming partners through the whole state. These career pathway options were chosen based on deep research and discovery into the growing needs of the workforce in the future, with a focus on projected industry growth here in Indiana.

Our certified guidance and career counselors work with you and your student to identify strengths, find hidden potential, and match the student’s interest to create an individualized academic plan that leads to success post-graduation. Ready to begin your journey?

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Agriculture Pathways

Students that choose IATS Agriculture Pathways will be exposed to careers in modern agriculture that include biology, life sciences, environmental management, food and nutrition, human health, and engineering. The program is designed to offer career pathways through partnerships with agribusiness and corporations, offering career opportunities after graduation. Beginning in the 7th grade, students will participate in activities that expose them to many of the programs career pathways. At 8th grade and onward students will take Intro to Agriculture and diving in depth to their own pathways.