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The Next Step Is Enrollment. Let’s Get Started!

Indiana Agriculture & Technology School is a school for a new generation of students—students who are ready to go beyond the brick and mortar classroom and who want better options both in the education received today and the opportunities beyond.


Why Did We Create This School?

The technology revolution in agriculture today is a game changer. Our ability to feed more people with limited resources is a global challenge. Innovations in growing and producing food will require workers with a wide range of skills, from logistics to finance; from manufacturing to data mining.

Producing a workforce prepared to meet the challenge of accelerating change in every component of agriculture is the primary reason why our school exists.

The Indiana Agriculture and Technology School was created to expose our students to potential careers in agriculture and technology. We understand that most will not become farmers, but many will go on to seek careers in modern agriculture that include biology, life sciences, environmental management, food and nutrition, human health, and engineering. We recognize that many of our students will choose career education, and there is a huge demand for trained and skilled workers. That is why our school is designed to offer career pathways through partnerships with agribusiness and corporations, offering career opportunities after graduation.

A Rich Framework of Support Makes the Difference

Indiana Agriculture and Technology School is a statewide, tuition free, charter school with a unique approach. Students will attend classes online powered by acclaimed Edgenuity coursework with agriculture focused courses from Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education.  We provide a rigorous and engaging academic curriculum with a College and Career Readiness program. Our students have many career pathways open to them after high school.

Students will also have the option of diving deeper into their area of interest at a breathtaking 600+ acre farm campus for laboratories, forestry, agriculture, drone training, environmental sciences and more.

  • Online coursework is provided by Edgenuity and meets Indiana Core 40 requirements
  • Specialized Agriculture Curriculum taught by certified, licensed Indiana teachers
  • Dual Credit Options with Edgenuity
  • AP Class Opportunities
  • Career and Technical Education Pathways
  • All Indiana High School diploma options are offered (Core40, Honors, Technical)

Our Teachers

Indiana Agriculture and Technology School is powered by a team of professional educators committed to ensuring each student is engaged and successful. Each student will receive instruction from fully licensed teachers. Learning and development will also be empowered by Success Coaches and Concept Coaches who will tutor, provide answers to questions, and mentor students as they progress through their coursework.

Each Student will be assigned a Student Learning Advocate. These advocates are Indiana licensed teachers who will guide students academically while providing personalized instruction using collaboration tools, through email, and over the phone during office hours.